Cook for Health

Cookwise Cook for Health project was funded by BBC Children in Needs, it was a highly successful project which engaged 37 young people over the period of 32 weeks. The aim of the project was to train, educate and raise awareness about healthy cooking amongst children and young people. BAME community have the highest rate coronary diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes which related to the food they consume. The taste is usually enhanced by salts, sugar and saturated fat. The method of cooking is mainly frying, which only makes the matters worse.

The children and young people have been through am intensive program entailing health, safety and hygiene in the kitchen, using alternative to salt, sugar and frying in ghee. They practiced the healthy methods of cooking which were as follows: boiling, broiling, steaming, poaching, grilling and baking.

The children and young people that participated had the following to say about their experience:

“I didn’t know how much salt, sugar and oil are put in the food we order from the takeaways. When the chef shown us the amount, I couldn’t believe it”

“I never cooked before and the program has given me the confidence to do so, now I occasionally help my mother in the kitchen”

“I never thought I would like cooking, now I like it so much that I want to be a chef when I grow up”

“We cook as family, in the weekend”

“Our family has become more heath conscious, we order less from takeaways”

“What we made at the cooking sessions tasted far better than fast food”


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