Youth Empowerment Project (YEP) - TAE BO

CookwiseTae Bo, you kick, punch, knee and elbow into the air to drive your stress, frustration and anger out of your system. Tae Bo is an excellent way of accomplishing this without any physical contacts, partly of its nature focusing on the aerobic aspects using martial arts techniques to get fit, lose weight, gain self confidence and self control. It has many other benefits, but this project focuses on the art of fighting without fighting. Although it teaches the fighting techniques, but it promotes passive attitude towards violence and retaliation only in defense when all avenues have been exhausted.

Through the YEP project we aim to train the victims of bullies to appear confident and strong through their body language, facial expression, eye contact, voice control to assert themselves when they are cornered in a situation. The young people will learn to deescalate a confronting situation and be ready for any surprises. Through the process they will be aware of assessing the dangers in any situation and make preemptive decision to avoid it.

Anyone can do it, so can you!

Some feedback:

“I liked it very much, I feel a lot more confident than before.”

“Just by changing the tone of the voice and carefully choosing the words, one can easily avoid conflict, I loved the role-play, and it was a good laugh!”

“The instructor explained things to us the way we understood.”

“I have never exercised before; this was something new to me. Enjoyed it, I will take up Tae Kwon Do.”

“I hate fighting; it taught me a lot on the effort one should make to avoid it without being a victim of the bully.”

“I think this course should be taught in all schools, it was great.”

“It was a lot fun, some exercises were hard.”


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